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Mission Statement

Spread awareness about the unique vision needs of children to the community and encourage kids to take pride in their glasses and responsibility in their occlusion therapy.

About Us

Truffles the Kitty Organization is a non-profit charity spearheaded by Truffles the Kitty! Truffles the Kitty is an employee of A Child’s Eyes and has become a huge encourager and influencer for children all over the world. She helps kids embrace wearing glasses, she encourages children who are going through occlusion therapy which requires wearing an eye patch, and she provides comfort to kids that undergo eye surgeries. Truffles the kitty has helped communities and families understand the important vision issues facing children. Her facebook, instagram and Tiktok pages are full of valuable content. TKO (Truffles the Kitty Organization) mission is to help Truffles, who is limited by not having thumbs, to reach as many children and families as possible.


Your donated funds are used in 3 different campaigns:

A Campaign for Knowledge

For education and outreach.

We work with doctors, schools and communities. Our education and outreach is aimed at making children feel more comfortable wearing glasses or eye patches. We provide education and materials to parents and teachers to recognize possible early vision issues.

A Campaign for Encouragement

For encouragement.

We send “Treats from Truffles”, packages to children wearing glasses and/or eye patches, and to children who will undergo eye surgery all over the world. Whether they’ve been bullied in school, having a discouraging time patching or waking up from eye surgery, Truffles will always make them smile. You can partner with us by donating money for a specific child’s package or by anonymously giving one to a child who needs encouragement.

A Campaign for Assistance

For families in need.

Funds for this campaign will be used to help families purchase a first pair of glasses for their child. Sometimes a first pair of glasses can be an unexpected expense. TKO will help families with this purchase and provide education on how glasses should fit and explanation on eyeglass prescription so parents can feel more empowered about making their decisions.

How You Can Help

You can make a tax-deductable donation using our link below.


You can also purchase a "Treat from Truffles" to give to a child.

Treats from Truffles!

If you wish to become a partner, feel free to contact us!

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